Monday, November 25, 2013

Seems Like a Fair Deal to Me

How Do You Say ‘LOL’ in Spanish?
[O]rganizers from the Southern Border Communities Coalition, which sponsored the event, had laid out rows of tables covered in white cloth and adorned with banners decrying the militarization of the border — “Keep Families Together,” “Bridges Not Border Walls.” A few hundred yards away, several large tents contained the “Fast for Families,” where a core group of four activists has been abstaining from food since Tuesday to protest Congress’s inaction on immigration reform. With the wind blowing ripples across the Capitol reflecting pool, the air was cold, the mood somber. After the event, a handful of journalists, a small corps that still managed to outnumber the activists, mulled about the dry grass, but the scene was mostly empty.
More reporters than activists? This has inspired my suggestion for a bipartisan comprehensive reform plan: For every illegal alien we give amnesty, let’s deport one liberal journalist. The number of immigrants who get to stay would be limited to equal the number of media liberals who volunteer to leave. This is a win-win.
Can we include 'community activists' in the deal?

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