Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sec. Sebelius Revokes Law of Cause and Effect

Blames Obamacare rollout shortcomings on Republicans, government shutdown.
“We did not have the luxury of that with a law that said it’s go time on October 1st and frankly a political atmosphere where the majority party at least in the House was determined to stop this any way they possibly could including shutting down the United States government. So it was not an ideal atmosphere,” she said.

A widely used modern definition of causality was originally given by David Hume.[8] He denied that we can ever perceive cause and effect, except by developing a habit or custom of mind where we come to associate two types of object or event, always contiguous and occurring one after the other.[9] In Part III, section XV, Hume expanded this to a list of eight ways of judging whether two things might be cause and effect. The first three:

1. "The cause and effect must be contiguous in space and time."
2. "The cause must be prior to the effect."
3. "There must be a constant union betwixt the cause and effect. 'Tis chiefly this quality, that constitutes the relation."

Date of Obamacare rollout, after three years of work - Oct. 1, 2013.
Date of government shutdown start, after several weeks of warning - Oct. 1, 2013:

Why do democrats and liberals hate logic and science?

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  1. "Why do democrats and liberals hate logic and science?"

    Remember, these are the same folks who say the Modern Warm Period is completely different from all the other warm periods during the Holocene because of CO2, yet won't give up their own "big carbon" lifestyles.