Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chesapeake Hosts Schooner Race

Dozens Of Schooners Race Full Sail Down The Chesapeake Bay
Pride of Baltimore II

Sorry I missed this, but I had places to go...
BALTIMORE (WJZ) — An unusual sight at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor–dozens of historic boats, flying full sail. It’s the kickoff to the 23rd Great Chesapeake Schooner Race–a harrowing 150 mile race down the bay.

Christie Ileto has more from Wednesday night’s “Parade of Sail.”

Marylanders got an up-close look at the vessels the day before the big race Thursday, but it’s what the crews are racing for that’s making waves in Maryland’s waters.

A fleet of schooners was sailing into Baltimore’s harbor Wednesday for the Great Chesapeake Schooner Race.

Thirty-five vessels with crews from up and down the Atlantic Coast will be racing one another Thursday for one goal:

“To teach to the heritage of the bay, bring people back to the water,” said Paul Brabazon, Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race.
Annapolis native Duncan Hood has done several races.

“That’s scary and intense. We’re up all night long. And that’s something like 20-25 hours,” Hood said.
 It may well have seemed that long, but we're not that far north...

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