Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What, At This Point, Does it Matter?

Did Sebelius really say Obama didn’t know about issues with the website before implementation?
CNN HOST: The President did say he that he was angry about this and do you know when he first knew that there was a problem?

SEBELIUS: Well I think it became clear fairly early on, the first couple of days.

CNN HOST: So not before that though?


CNN HOST: Not before Oct. 1, there was no concern at that point in the White House or at HHS?

SEBELIUS: I think that we talked about having testing going forward and if we had an ideal situation and could have built a product in a five year period of time, we probably would have taken five years. We didn’t have five years and certainly Americans that rely on health coverage didn’t have five years to wait. We wanted to make sure we made good on this final implementation of the law. And again people can sign up…
The country is in the best of hands.  At least Romney would have made sure it worked before rolling it out.

Stacy McCain thinks Seblieus is the designated scapegoat.

As Smitty from The Other McCain says, they're gonna "Punish the Monkey, and let Organ Grinder Go." (musical link).

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