Monday, October 21, 2013

Wind Power Making People Sick in Massachusetts

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Hobart and dozens of others in this small Cape Cod town have filed lawsuits, claiming that three 400 feet tall, 1.63 megawatt turbines (two owned by the town and one owned by Notus Clean Energy) were responsible for an array of symptoms. A fourth, much smaller turbine, is owned by Woods Hole Research Center, but it receives fewer complaints.

The wind turbines have blown up a political storm in Falmouth that has resonated throughout the wind energy industry. Are these plaintiffs just "whiners," or do they have a legitimate illness?

"It goes all day and night. My initial take was that she was being a hypochondriac, but I went to their house two years ago with a little skepticism and within 10 minutes of being in the house, I could feel it and hear it." -- Brian Mannal, lawyer for Sue Hobart

In 2011, a doctor at Harvard Medical School diagnosed Hobart with wind turbine syndrome, which is not recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Various forms of illness and annoyance have been reported from wind power stations in the past, with complaints ranging from the deep subsonic vibrations to the flicker of light through the blades.

The highly government subsidized wind power industry, however, insists that everything is fine, because the government tells them it is.
Webb did not comment on the Hobarts' lawsuit but defended wind energy in an email to, saying that its wind turbine generates approximately 5 million kWh of electricity annually.

... "The nearest home to the Notus turbine is approximately 1,700 feet from the turbine. The minimum setback distance recommended by a state model bylaw is three times tip height, or a distance of 1,197 feet. So our setback distance to homes is substantially greater than specified in the state model by law."
The government has never, ever revised it's standards on what is acceptable exposure to anything, has it?

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