Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Southern Racist Proposes Obamacare Changes

Sen. Mary Landrieu said Wednesday she would propose legislation to ensure all Americans could keep their existing insurance coverage under Obamacare, a fresh sign of the political problems the law’s rollout has created for congressional Democrats.

Landrieu, a Democrat who faces a tough reelection in Louisiana in 2014, said she would either offer her own bill or formally sign onto another measure that would ensure that the law would not force anyone off of their existing health policies.

“The promise was made, and it should be kept,” Landrieu said in the Capitol Wednesday. “And it was our understanding when we voted for that bill that people when they have insurance could keep with what they had. So I’m going to be working on that fix.”
We all know that opposing Obamacare, or proposing to change its flawless design is racist; just ask fellow Louisiana Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson:
Louisiana Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson says opposition to President Obama's health care overhaul boils down to one thing: racism. "It's not about how many federal dollars we can receive. It's not about that. You ready? It's about race," Peterson said in a floor speech in the Louisiana state Senate. "I know nobody wants to talk about that. It's about the race of this African-American president."

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