Monday, October 14, 2013

Finally, the Sun is Back at the Beach

I haven't posted from the beach lately because, honestly, the weather has been awful, and we didn't go.  Wednesday last week a front came through, with high winds and rain, but no lightning. 

The next day stayed cool, rainy and windy, so we passed on that as well, and settled for doing errands.

Friday, the remnants of tropical storm Karen arrived in the mid Atlantic region, and as predicted, spent a few day lingering, giving us 4.5 inches of badly need rain, and just enough wind to kick the bay up, raise the tides and fill the yard with leaves.  What time I did outside was spent making sure the bilge pump on the boat kept working.

Today, at last, we saw the sun again for the first time in nearly a week.  The wind is still high, and the bay is still rough, and cloudy from suspended dirt.  You can see how much erosion there was on the beach in the second and third pictures, where the waves came up into the the dunes and stripped away the sand.  It will take quite a while for that to build back up.

Above is a plane for a service that takes pictures of boats, and then tries to sell you pictures of you in your boat.  A good day for sailboats, a lousy day for power boats.  They can have my picture for free...

The Eagles are still here, the Ospreys appear to be completely gone.

Like the poor, the seagulls we always have with us. 

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