Friday, October 25, 2013

Bright, Cool Day at the Beach

We haven't been to the beach much lately for various reasons, but today we managed to find the time.  It's a nice bright, but cool and brisk day here in slower Maryland, with the temps in the lower side of the 50s, and NW winds of about 15 mph.  It looks like we may have abandoned shorts and short sleeves for the year, although the average high is still supposed to be 66.
Unlike our other visits recently, we had an exceptionally low tide, quite typical for astronomical tide combined with the north wind's "blow out" effect.
Despite lots of exposed beach, fossil hunting was tough.  We finished with a mere 15 teeth, of which this little Mako was probably the best.
 Eagles?  Yep, we have a few.  Both adult...
... and juvenile.  Damn Google pictures for wonking up the colors on this one.  I still have to look and see if I can find how to turn that off. I mean, doesn't everybody know how to use Photoshop or an equivalent?
 Seagulls have a confrontation over a dead fish.
And a cormorant watches for any sign of a meal for a convenient high place, the entrance marker for Flag Harbor.

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