Monday, June 10, 2013

More Than Everything You Wanted to Know About Bears

3. Sun Bear

The sun bear is the smallest of all bears, which immediately bumps it up in the bear rankings--it can weigh as little as 60 pounds as an adult and there have been reports of sun bears being eaten by snakes (!). It lives in southeast Asia, from Yunnan province in China down to Borneo, and like many of the other tropical bears, is mostly insectivorous. But while the sloth bear specializes in termites, the sun bear earned the nickname "honey bear" for its great love of bees and beehives.

Nobody knows much about the sun bears; they're an ancient species, having changed little in eons. The Asian and American black bears, for example, are actually descendants of the sun bear. But scientists know little about their behavior in the wild, other than they are excellent climbers and have an absurdly long tongue. Also sometimes they all stand around like cool dudes.
I'll bet he has the girls all lined up.

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