Friday, June 14, 2013

Riding Out the Weather Roller Coaster at the Beach

The last few day weather have been a real roller coaster here in the mid-Atlantic.  Only a brief respite after Tropical Storm Andrea, we were faced with multiple storm systems coming out of the midwest.
The last round of storms started with a threatened derecho on Wednesday evening through Thursday morning.  Although the derecho never materialized, the storm that went through Thursday morning was short but intense.  At least according to our neighbor, we had quarter sized hail.  The lightning was close and frequent, and morning found 2 inches of new rain in our rain gauge and the wind sites show peak gusts to 50 mph at Cove Point
Yesterday (Thursday) wasn't much better.  A drenching storm went through yesterday at work, while Georgia and Skye retreated to the basement for a tornado warning.  There were tornadoes near Baltimore and in St. Mary's County, but as far as I know none in Calvert.  Then another system came through in the afternoon, with plenty of lightning and thunder, and drenched us again.  It continued showery all night, and was raining when we got up this morning.
Finally, by the time of our beach walk, the last of the storm clouds  (we hope) were on the eastern horizon, and pulling away rapidly, leaving behind puffy white cumulus clouds, and a stiff 20-25 knot north wind.

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