Monday, June 24, 2013

Hot and Muggy at the Beach

It's a bright, sunny, windless, and intensely muggy day here in Slower Maryland.  Which is not too bad for beach walking, especially if you get started early (and wear a white shirt!).
 Skye headed straight for the water to cool off; the fact that it offered a little buoyancy was a plus.  Georgia was poking around in the shallows for fossils (we found a few, maybe 20?). 
There was lots of life in the shallows; minnows running away from you, and Sea Nettles, our nasty stinging jellyfish putting in their first big appearance.  Usually, we consider the 4th of July the target date for their arrival, so this counts as an early start to jellyfish season.

We even saw a few crabs.

The Ospreys are out and about.  Here one carries a fish back to shore to eat. 
There were other fishermen out as well.  For a small skiff, this one is set up with a lot of trolling power.
We even made the acquaintance of a new neighbor today, Shelby, a 5 month old English Sheepdog/Standard Poodle cross, whose owners are renting a cabin down by the beach.  Being a puppy, Skye put up with his bounciness for a while...

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