Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kennedy Kills Seals

Strange enough to see a photograph of a Kennedy firing a rifle, one with a telescopic sight no less, as the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination approaches.

Stranger still to learn that the Kennedy firing the rifle, a 14-year-old granddaughter of late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, is killing seal pups in Canada, according a caption for the photo written by her father.

The photo was posted this morning on the Facebook page of Maxwell Kennedy, 48, son of Robert and Ethel Kennedy.

Here's what Max Kennedy wrote in the caption for the photo --

Noah and me working with Canadian wild life officials to cull seal population near Rankin Inlet. Over population of seals is causing great damage to local fisheries. Thousands of seal pups must be culled each year. We worked with trappers who taught Noah how to identify the weak ones.
Put another way -- here's a photo of my daughter shooting baby seals.
Imagine the veins-bulging outrage from liberals, animal rights groups and anti-gun activists if the teenage daughter of nearly any prominent conservative was photographed doing the same. Or Sarah Palin for that matter.


  1. I'm liberal - I found it surprising and disgusting. I was angry to say the least.

  2. Liberals are always surprised, disgusted and angry.