Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Maryland Scientists Try to Ride Sea Level Gravy Train

Saying climate change is already underway, a panel of scientists is urging Maryland officials to plan to accommodate rising seas of up to 2 feet along the state's shoreline in the next 40 years — and perhaps nearly 6 feet by the end of the century.

In a report to be released Wednesday and commissioned by Gov. Martin O'Malley, the group of 21 scientists from Maryland, Virginia and other mid-Atlantic states said recent, more sophisticated studies suggest that sea level is rising faster than forecast just five years ago.
It's far from obvious that climate change is occurring; currently global temperatures have been stagnant for up to 17 years, depending on what set of temperature numbers you choose to believe.  Even "true believer" global warmists are starting to express their doubts.

However, yes, climate changes constantly. Any view of earths' climate history longer than a single lifetime shows that the earth's climate is always in flux.  The only only question is what direction it will go when the "thermo-pause" ends.

As for the concern about sea level rise; yes, the sea level has been rising since we've been measuring it, at a more or less constant rate close to 1 foot per century; there is simply no convincing data that suggest that sea level rise is actually accelerating:

To get beyond these simple facts you have to assume that warming will pick up again after the pause, and start to melt large volumes of continental (i.e. Greenland or the Antarctic) ice.

However, we do need to justify the damage we will do the the economy with the war on fossil fuels, and the wasted money on so called "green" energy.

If the threat of global warming is so severe, I propose to zero out all the other environmental projects and support the state provides and devote it only to climate change.  Do you think they'll approve?

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