Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Closing the Bay Continues

 A few days ago, I reported on a beach closure on the Chesapeake Bay caused by excessive bacterial contamination.  At the time, I predicted the heavy rains we were experiencing at that time would likely cause more.  I would like to say "I told you so!"

Bacteria Closes 3 Anne Arundel Co. Beaches 
The Anne Arundel County Health Department is warning swimmers to stay out of the water at three beaches after tests show high bacteria levels.

Officials announced Monday that they are closing Beverly Beach on the Chesapeake Bay near Mayo, London Towne at Arundel Road Beach on the South River in Edgewater and Upper Magothy Beach on the Magothy River in Severna Park. The closures come after high bacteria readings were found in water samples for two consecutive weeks.

Health officials say they don't know yet what caused the high readings, but waterfowl, rainfall, water temperature and tidal action can contribute. The advisory remains in effect until tests show acceptable levels.

Anyone who has come in contact with the water is advised to wash with soap and warm water immediately.
I always carry a bucket of warm water and a bar of soap when I visit the beach, don't you?

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