Monday, June 17, 2013

Life's a Beach

Another slightly gloomy day at the beach.  The sky was mostly cloudy, the temperature and humidity rising to moderate levels.
After her day off, Skye was demanding a trip to the beach this morning.  She got down as far as Matoaka Cottage jetty just fine, but bogged down about half way back, and needed a second leash under her belly to keep her up until we got back to the van.  Humiliating.  I guess she'll have to give up her Iditarod plans. 
A new (this year) butterfly, the Red Admiral (Vanessa atlanta), puddling on the wet sand.  Like a lot of the Nymphalid butterflies, it's very striking on top, but pretty cryptic from below.
This shot shows the underside, which looks like a good camouflage pattern, especially for the hind wings.

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