Thursday, June 20, 2013

EPA: No Groundwater Pollution From Fracking

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday it is abandoning its longstanding plan to have independent scientists confirm or cast doubt on its finding that hydraulic fracturing may be linked to groundwater pollution in central Wyoming. …
“We stand behind our work and the data, but EPA recognizes the state’s commitment to further investigation,” he told AP.

Wyoming officials have been skeptical about the theory that hydraulic fracturing played a role in the pollution, but Reynolds expressed confidence the state could lead the work from here. …
The EPA has extended public comment periods on the draft report three times since it came out — twice last year and again this year. Each extension delayed the peer-review plans.
They're rapidly running out of excuses to slow it down.  But will that stop them?

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  1. Some research says that hydraulic fracturing is contaminating the water and some say that it does not .Please Clarify me why should i believe your study ?

    Henry Jordan

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