Saturday, June 15, 2013

That Explains Everything

A woman who represents the Cook Islands in Polynesia, explains that the cold spring she's experiencing at the UN Global Warming meeting in Bonn, Germany, is actually proof of global warming.

So it's global warming when it gets warmer, it's global warming when it gets cooler?  What do you call it when it stays the same (like it has now for 17 years)?  It's when one thing explains all possible states, it explains none of them.

Willis Eischenbach at WUWT looks at the way the various governments of Polynesia are trying to ride the global warming guilt train to riches, and concludes that Parrotfish should be the National Bird of Oceania.  Willis' essays are often fun, and/or data and data manipulation packed. This is more of the first, the story of how coral atolls grow, and why sea level rise is no threat to them (not that the sea level is rising especially fast), but fishing the parrotfish is.

Finally, a commenter at the first WUWT post  provides a link to this actually pleasant video from the Cook Islands.  Enjoy!

Wombat-Socho's world famous (not that that's a high bar these days) weekly Rule 5 post "Rule 5 Sunday: Father's Day" came in on time this week at The Other McCain.

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