Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Feds Say Chesapeake Wind Power Threatens Eagles

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Maryland Wind Farm Threatens Bald Eagles
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials report a proposed wind energy project in Maryland would pose a “significant risk to eagles” and the developer should trim back its construction plans. The U.S. Navy has also expressed concern about the project, noting the turbines might skew nearby radar readings.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife (FWS) biologists report at least 30 bald eagles nest within 10 miles of the proposed wind project. The proposed 60 turbines are too threatening to the eagles, and dozens could die each year, FWS wildlife officials say.
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10 miles seems sort of far, though.  From what I see, the Bald Eagle hunt an area within a 2-3 miles of their nest; if they stray much further they'd end up in a fight with a territorial neighbor.

Also, the proposed Great Bay wind project in Somerset County is near enough the Patuxent River air base that Navy officials say the bounce-back from turbines will make it difficult to get accurate radar readings.

In response, Texas-based Pioneer Green Energy, which proposes to build the Great Bay wind project, is offering to cut back the number of turbines from 60 to 50.
Such a findings would be the absolute death of a coal powered, or nuclear power plant.  However, eagle seem to like to hang around the local nuke; it's got a nice stretch of otherwise undeveloped coastline with lots of tall trees to nest in, and it attracts a pretty good supply of food by way of fish and ducks.

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