Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rule 5 Saturday - What Amber Heard

This week's lucky winner of my intensive Rule 5 treatment is Amber Heard.  The reason?  Do I need one?  Anyway, I didn't know who she was before I read this article:  On Older Men, Younger Women, and Moralistic Claptrap: Hugo Schwyzer owes Johnny Depp an apology,  trashing this article :  What If Men Stopped Chasing Much-Younger Women? wherein we find that Johnny Depp, an ancient at 49, is "dating" (IYKWIMAITTYD) Amber Heard, a near spinster at 27.

And as long as we're at it, why don't we make pi = 3.000 ad infinitum; it would make the math so much easier.

Miz Heard, a Texan from the liberal colony of Austin, is noted, at least according to Wikipedia (and cited in the first article):
...declared herself an atheist after being introduced to the works of Ayn Rand by her then boyfriend. She has said of Rand, "I've read all of her books. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with her ideals. All I've ever needed is myself." Dropping out of school at the age of 17, she went to New York to start a career in modeling, then relocated to Los Angeles to get into acting...  Heard came out in 2010, at GLAAD's 25th anniversary event... She has said about her sexuality: "I don't label myself one way or another—I have had successful relationships with men and now a woman. I love who I love; it's the person that matters.

Which would make her the Austin version of a free thinker.

Amber has been in some 23 films since she began in 2004 with "Friday Night Lights", including such other artful pieces as "Alpha Dog" (2006), and "The Informers" (2008) (NSFW links) and a part in Zombieland, quite possibly the best zombie movie ever.

Anyway; best of luck to Johnny Depp for this.

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