Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gingers Gather to Continue World Domination Plot

If you recall from last year, my first realization that the Gingers of the world were meeting annually to plot world domination. It's happening again, right under our noses, if the Netherlands are right under our noses.

An annual festival of redheads has been taking place in Breda, Holland.

Around 1,400 redheads from 52 countries took part in the festivities which included activities such as fashion shows and art exhibitions devoted to the colour red.
They seem to be serious about this world domination thing.  Maybe we should open communication with their leaders:

How about Christina Hendricks?  She's a leader of the tribe.

Maybe not her.. She looks like a hard case, and I remember what she did to Mal on Firefly.

Angie Everhart?  I don't know, the fact that she was a former girlfriend of Joe Pesci suggests she has mob ties...

Gillian Anderson?  A little far out there, but maybe she

Alicia Witt?  Do we really think we can negotiate with St. Alia of the Knife?

Maybe we should approach some of the foot soldiers first.

Umm, maybe not...

We're doomed, just doomed to be under their thumb forever.

Wombat-Socho at The Other McCain has his Rule 5 linkerage on Monday this week. Linked in The Classical Liberal "Rule 5 Gold!"

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