Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Falls at the Beach

Technically speaking, Fall arrived at 10:49 EDT today, and this walk was finished by then, but what the heck, let's call it Fall anyway, and count this as the first beach post of Fall 2012.  And a very nice day it was too, in the low 70's, breezy, from the west (hence no waves), and absolutely cloudless.
Georgia excused herself today, so it was just me and Skye and Joel and Red.  My new camera alleges that it will make 3D pictures, and I tried it, and it made this jpg and a file labeled MPO, which I understand I can view with 3D glasses, if I get some software.  Not today.

A Green Heron (Butorides virescens) which took offense to us walking on the beach, and flew up to the cliff and gave us the hairy eyeball before flying off.  These birds rarely use the beach, but we often see them in the rocks on the jetties or harbor.

Skye was particularly full of piss and vinegar today, and got into deep water a couple of times by accident.  Usually, she's pretty careful about deep water (if a working husky has to swim, it's generally a bad thing), but today she seemed to throw caution to the wind.
A sandpiper of some kind, a Least Sandpiper if the yellow legs are diagnostic.

Incidentally, the Ospreys are still here, I saw at least one in the distance.
The only butterfly of note today, a Painted Lady.  There was also a single beat up specimen of the Spicebush Butterfly, but, the picture was interfered with by an ugly leaf.
A family having their professional take a series of family pictures.  If only they'd known I'd do it for free.

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  1. Lots of stuff here to bring me io to speed. John Also got a new camera but his in sure doesnt have all The bells And whistles that youts gas. See you reali soon Noè. M