Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Venezia Secondo Giorno

After meeting with our tour group last night over dinner, we struggled back to our hotel and got a good nights sleep.

This morning, after a wonderful breakfast at the hotel, we climbed into a boat for a trip out to the island of Murano, where the Venetian glass blowers have been exiled for the last few centuries, to avoid burning down the rest of the city. We watched as one of the local craftsmen made a vase and a horse, taking a few minutes each.

They showed us through the showroom in hopes of selling us something expensive but Georgia settled on a small pair of earrings.

Next, we went back to Venice proper, for a tour of the Doge's Palace. The tour director was temporarily replaced by a local woman who knew the local history well, and had a fun slant on it.

Above from the Dofes Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, looking out for the Bridge of sighs, and the frieze above the place where secret accusations of treason were submitted.


Pastries in a pastry shop windo, and the pastry girl.



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