Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another Gloomy Day at the Beach

It was overcast and gloomy this morning, but calm, and humid.  We met Joel and Red right on time at 8:30 and did the usual walk.  For the record, we saw no Sea Nettles today, so the probability of encountering a sea nettle was 0%.
The Great Blue Herons in their usual fishing spots.  The distance between them is foreshortened by the camera zoom, and you can see the "shimmer" off the water in the distance.
There were Bald Eagles and Osprey in abundance today.  This is a juvenile eagle; you can (just barely) tell from the mottled plumage.  Not a good day to take such a shot, but digits are cheap.
And an adult in white headed and white tailed plumage.  Is the juvenile one of it's children?  It seems likely since eagles don't tolerate the presence of strange eagles.
The stream was flooded by both high tide and flow, and gave us, and particularly Skye a certain amount of trouble to cross.
A Painted Lady butterfly, with one wing slightly awry.  Butterflies are fewer lately, but we did see a few Swallowtails, both yellow and black, and the sulphurs flitting around in the distance.
One of the most annoying plants on the beach, the Cockleburr, Xanthium sp.  These plants have seed pods with hooks like velcro, which stick in between the pads of hairy dog's feet.  Have I mentioned that Skye is hairy? I've plucked more than a few of these from between her's, and Red's paws.
And the Coastal Sandbur, which may well be more annoying.  A grass with an seed pods that are covered with long, sharp, and barbed thorns, these babies can make a strong dog whimper, and are tough to get out without getting stuck yourself.  Also sometimes called Sand Spur or Devil's Spur.

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