Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So What's the Matter with a Little Autotune?

Demi gets a little credibility boost from as far as I'm concerned, because of her past rejection of bath salt boosting rappers.

Autotune? Yeah, it gets overused, but then, almost no live sound gets recorded as it sounded native anymore. Alex once described to be a piece of software he once used that could identify and selectively delete the sound of button hitting the back of a guitar in live performance.  Heck, even I could sound good.

In other news, Demi regrets getting 12 tats before she turned 20, another sign that she has a working brain.  Oh, and go check out the interactive tat finder...

More Demi below the fold

Wombat-Socho gets the first link with The Other McCain's weekly Rule 5 Review "No-Frills, Rule 5 Sunday".

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