Monday, September 17, 2012

If You Think Global Warming is Bad

Just imagine what the upcoming ice age will be like:

Onset of the Next Glaciation
Onset of interglacials is driven by insolation at 65°N. That is where the landmass is that is either snow-covered all year round or not. It seems that insolation above 510 watts/sq metre will end a glacial period. For an interglacial period to end, the oceans have to lose heat content so that snows will linger through the summer and increase the Earth’s albedo. Thanks to the disposition of the continents, our current ice age might last tens of millions of years yet. From the Milankovitch data, this graph shows insolation at 65°N from 50,000 BC to 50,000 AD:
On the other hand, having the ice a mile deep over Chicago might be useful urban renewal.

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