Monday, September 10, 2012

If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat - Again

A Maryland Democratic candidate quit her congressional race Monday after her own party told state officials that she had committed fraud by voting in both Maryland and Florida in recent elections.

Wendy Rosen, a small-business owner running against freshman Rep. Andy Harris (R) in the Eastern Shore-based 1st Congressional District, released a statement saying that “with great regret, and much sorrow” she was resigning from the contest.
So what did she do?
 “The Maryland Democratic Party has discovered that Ms. Rosen has been registered to vote in both Florida and Maryland since at least 2006; that she in fact voted in the 2006 general election both in Florida and Maryland; and that she voted in the presidential preference primaries held in both Florida and Maryland in 2008,” wrote Yvette Lewis, the state party chair. “This information is based on an examination of the voter files from both states. We believe that this is a clear violation of Maryland law and urge the appropriate office to conduct a full investigation.”
She should have known that you can only vote in one state, and that it really ought to be the state that you're running for public office in.

Now, this isn't a case of fraud where voter ID would do any good; or is it?  If she had been required to provide a state issued ID, how likely is it she would have both a Florida and a Maryland drivers license to register and vote?  Having moved from Florida to Maryland (admittedly just after the biblical flood), I had to turn in my Florida license to get my Maryland license.

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