Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dinner and a Ride

After our exertions this morning, we took a siesta, or whatever they call it in Italian. By the time we had recovered it was time to eat again! We headed across the bridge over the Grand Canal, and found, surprise, surprise, and Italian Restaurant. John had linguini and clams, again, Mary had gnocchi, Georgia had chicken, and I had the cuttlefish on spaghetti, in black ink sauce.

After dinner, we persuaded the girls to allow us to take them on a gondola ride. There may have been a day when they were theVenetian equivalent of taxis, but those days are long gone. Now they're simply a tourist ride.

It was rather nice, actually, while the gondolier didn't sing, some drunk on a back street (canal?) was singing an old Beatle song (There are places I remember), and not even too badly. We went on some back canals we wouldn't have seen otherwise.

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