Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stay Safe Out There

Why drinking and boating is a bad idea...

10 removed from boat on Chesapeake, too drunk to operate vessel
Police say 10 people were removed from a boat in the Chesapeake Bay because officers feared no one was sober enough to operate the vessel.

The Department of Natural Resources police received a call about 9 p.m. Saturday at the Bay Bridge for a boat taking on water.

The Capital of Annapolis reports that authorities said a 36-foot Sea Ray had struck a rock piling near the center span of the bridge, but was not taking on water.

Police say the operator and nine passengers appeared to be very intoxicated. They were taken to Sandy Point State Park. Police say the operator, who was not identified, was charged with operating while intoxicated. His name was not released.
When I heard about this today, I sent it around to some of the people who boat a lot at work.  One wrote me back to say that people from his lab had been near the scene, and had provided a 3" pump to keep the boat afloat while it was towed back to Annapolis, so the report that it was not taking on water was wrong. They also commented that if the boat had run out of gas, there was plenty of alcohol on board to fuel it...

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