Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Start of Autumn at the Beach

The storms that rolled through DC and most of the East Coast yesterday afternoon and evening, passed us by with one rumble of thunder, and a quarter of an inch of gentle rain.  The air behind the storm was blessedly cool and dry, and a stiff breeze had the Bay roiled up into a decent chop.  This really felt like the start of autumn.
We spotted this wolf slinking away from us.  Oh wait, that's just Skye taking a shortcut through the dunes.  A lot of people (mostly kids to be fair) ask us if she is a wolf or part wolf.
The eagles and ospreys were out an about in abundance today.  I saw three in the air at one time, a rarity, and in one case, an adult eagle harassing this juvenile.  Maybe mom thinks its time for it to move on...
We spooked this Great Blue Heron as we walked up to the stream, and it protested with a squawk  and moved up to the tops of the nearby trees.
The butterfly du jour, the Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta).  Not much else in evidence.
The fossil du jour; Georgia found this very good specimen of a Cow Shark tooth.

By the time we were on our way back, the beach was starting to fill up with people taking advantage of the gorgeous morning.

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