Saturday, September 8, 2012

Video Spoof Ends Lifeguards Careers

Not that lifeguarding has that much career potential, Bay Watch not withstanding.
As countless other videos have done this summer, the video--titled "Lifeguard Style"--is a spoof of singer PSY (Park Jae Sung)'s "Gangnam Style" music video, released in July, in which he performs his signature "horse-riding dance." His video is a viral sensation. But when the young California lifeguards mimicked the video move-by-move, their supervisors "said the entire video was inappropriate and disgusting," Gabriel Gonzalez, a lifeguard supervisor who was terminated, told NBC.

But that's not the official reason the city is giving for the 14 terminations. Instead, the city said in a statement that the group was fired for using city property, including the pool and their uniforms, for private use.

The lifeguards said they were off the clock when they shot the video and that they were just having fun.

"The video was made just to have fun memories before we go back to college," one of the lifeguards, Juliet, told KTLA. "We didn't think it would offend anyone," she said.
Yep, they're guilty as charged, but lets be reasonable, it's only mildly risque, they didn't hurt anything or anybody, and firing them will only fuel a media campaign against the city.  On the stupid scale, I give this 3 Bidens (out of 5). 

Another couple of few Many groups of lifeguards around the country did  "Call Me Maybe" take offs.

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