Saturday, September 22, 2012

Joel and Red in 3D!

Earlier, I said I had tried to take a photo of Joel in 3D.  I went and looked for a file viewer for the 3D stereo image it created, and found it at  Among other options, it creates a file with left and right images of the picture that you can view using the "crossed eyes" technique.

Click on the picture to put it into the "picture viewer".  Put your head about a foot from the image, and cross your eyes, until the central image merges.  You should see this in three dimensions.  Notice, that there is a little problem with Red, who moved his head between the two exposures, first gazing with love at Joel, and then becoming bored and looking off.

It has options to make the color version of 3D, that you need red/blue glasses to view.  Not having any, I didn't try...

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