Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rule 5 Saturday - Kelly Brook

This week's Rule 5 Saturday subject is Kelly Brook, British model and actress (well kind, of).  She began modelling at 16 at her mother's insistence.  She was soon modelling for m lingerie, and was picked up, by among others, Bravissimo, for a campaign to sell bras to large busted women. Great choice. She also began appearing in the Brit tabloid "Daily Star", as a "Page 3 Girl".  The Brits have long acknowledged the importance of Rule 5, although it may have a lower number across the pond.
She started as a "presenter" at 18, with minor roles in "youth TV", but was soon sitting with the big leagues, having replaced Denise van Outen in "The Big Breakfast".  She also hosted...  wait for it... Celebrity Love Island!

She also had the good taste to be fired from judging "Britain's Got Talent" in 2004, for clashing with other judges..
She has also had TV and feature film acting experience, playing Lex Luthor's squeeze in "Smallville" and starring in such classics as "Ripped" and "Duece Bigalow, European Gigolo".

Kelly recently revealed her diet and exercise plan to the Daily Mail:

The 32-year-old admits that she might not look like a stereotypical size zero model, but proudly says that a 'bit of meat on my bones' makes her feel sexier...
‘I have porridge or boiled eggs for breakfast. I love tea and coffee and could drink them all day and snack on biscuits, but I eat fruit if I’m trying to be healthy.
I like a the meat on your bones, too..

Not a whole lot more to say; just more pictures below the fold:

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  1. I like her 'minimalist' fashion sense lol

    Linked in update:

    Say 'Dzien Dobry' to Miss Poland 2011 Rozalia Mancewicz!

    Enjoy your weekend, sir

  2. Helluva Rule 5 entry. A real showpiece. Kelly Brook is my favorite lady currently. I'll try to link you up later.