Friday, January 20, 2012

Marylanders Willing to Pay More to $#!*

Environmentalists are touting a new poll that shows nearly two-thirds of Marylanders support raising the "flush fee" to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay. The poll from Annapolis-based OpinionWorks asked 801 registered voters if they'd support increasing the Bay Restoration Fund fee - its officially name - to upgrade sewage plants and reduce stormwater runoff.

Twenty-six percent offered strong support and 38 percent said they somewhat support an increase, for a total support of 64 percent. Another 27 percent either somewhat or strongly oppose and increase, while 9 percent were not sure.

"What the polling makes clear is that Marylanders are willing to spend more on clean water projects like upgrading wastewater treatment plants and reducing polluted stormwater runoff - even in these difficult economic times," Erik Michelsen, director of the South River Federation, said in a statement.
Well, I could support an increase in the flush tax, depending on what the funds will be spent on.  Being a suburbanite, I'd like to see the flush tax get payed back by having a significant fraction of it come  back as funds for sewage projects in suburban districts, like mine.  Enough of us suburbanites being blamed for pollution while our money is shipped up to Balmer to pay for upgrades the their sewage systems.  Let the money stay in our areas, and upgrade our systems!

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