Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beach Report - 2/27/12

And still another marvelous day, especially for January; a little cooler, a little breezier than yesterday, but still a fine day.
A Seagull landing in the water nearby.
Is it "Sitting Eagle" or "Flying Eagle"
I guess that answers that question.  I was about to try to take a picture of the eagle sitting with the full zoom, when it decided to take off.  After this, it went off and harassed some seagulls for a while.  The ultra zoom makes it kind of grainy.
A divot in the sand where some bird had gone in and rooted around for something to eat.  I'm pretty sure it's the swans, from the size of the holes and the fact that we see them mostly near where the swans hang out.
A better than average sharks tooth in it's original site in the beach.  I would call this a Lemon Shark, from the groove in the root, but I wouldn't bet real money on that.
Georgia found this complete fossil ray plate, probably an Eagle Ray (Aetobatus arcuatus). Compared to sharks teeth, these are relatively fragile, and are usually found broken. These "spoon" together in the mouth to form a solid plate the ray uses to crush food.
The swans are still here.  We didn't see any yesterday, and I was wondering if they had given up on our pathetic winter and gone north again.

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