Monday, January 16, 2012

Brits Fight Off Invading Americans

Cute British Red Squirrel
It was a popular delicacy served up until the last century when it dropped off Britain’s menu. But grey squirrel pie is currently enjoying a revival due to attempts to save its less aggressive red cousins from extinction. Thousands of grey squirrels have been sold to restaurants, butchers and are on sale at farmer’s markets after being legally trapped and shot in woodland and rural areas.
Evil American Gray Squirrel
Their our squirrels, so we get to determine the spelling; make those Gray Squirrels!
‘We do squirrel pie and it’s selling very well at the moment and I can see it being on people’s menu much more in the coming years.’

Pest controller Paul Parker moved from Newcastle to the south of England to trap grey squirrels to provide restaurants. The father-of-three is a founder of the Red Squirrel Protection Partnership, which argues that trapping and shooting grey squirrels, which came from America, is the only way to save the native red from extinction.

Georgia is feeding the birds again this winter, which means that her private war against the Eastern Gray Squirrel is heating up.  We often have 3 or 4 squirrels on our back deck, trying to crack the secret of the "squirrel proof" feeder, or scavenging for seed the birds knocked out.
Gray Squirrel Pot Pie

Our previous dog, Sybil, would have gone nuts, and broken down the door to get at them.  Skye is much more relaxed about squirrels.  While we think she has caught a couple in the yard, she doesn't pay them much mind when they're out on the deck.  Apparently she realize that on a meat per unit effort basis, they're not so hot.

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