Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'd Rather Have a Depression Than Allow Fracking

Fracking? Smart engineers have made some terrible mistakes
Is fracking just another thorn being added to our life? Can we expect major consequences farther down the trail? Is newfound happiness for few to mean hell for many later on?

As one who has been around long enough to remember when men wore garters and a few more important things, such as the Great Depression, I also remember some of the wonders engineers gave us, before I learned that engineers have a habit of solving a problem only to create two new problems.
Hindsight seems to tell me that the Depression was the best of the three. It taught me frugality, to make do with less and to value friendship.

And so once again the words of the Great Willy come to mind: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are imagined in your philosophy."

Are you listening, engineers and politicians?
OK, its just a letter to the editor from some old geezer in Pennsylvania somewhere, but this letter made the daily list of articles passed around the Bay region in a daily newsletter sent out by a Federal Government Agency, the Chesapeake Bay program.  Forgive me if I leap to the inference that this is the point of view that they would like to promulgate.  To be fair, they do occasionally publicize articles that don't fit their agenda, but it's pretty rare. 

As for the attitude that they would rather have an economic depression rather than allow fracking, just let me say that they are entitled to believe that if they want, but they don't have the right to drag me into a depression with me screaming, kicking and squirming.  I have a feeling his fond memories of the depression era have more to do with his being young then, and the selective memory of age making it look better.

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