Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Raw, Rainy Day at the Beach

We dawdled around for a long time this morning, hoping to get a break in the rain, but the break I found on the radar didn't turn out so well, it was raining off and on for the whole walk.  The temperature was just barely above freezing, and the wind was blowing moderately hard, about 15 mph out of the northeast.  But we dressed well, and it was only a little annoying.

As I said earlier, we had a shot of snow last night, before it turned to rain.  You can still see it in places sheltered.  The rain is so cold it barely melt any of it.
The eagles were about. Here they are together.  As we go closer, as usual "Flying Eagle" took off and "Sitting Eagle" stayed behind.
Some new beach trash.  I wonder how far this washed to end up on our beach.  Pennsylvania?  New York?  Whose was it?  How did it get into the River and or Bay?
If you must know why we go for beach walks on days like this, here is the answer.  While we could walk her on the street, we could not let her off the leash and get exercise like this.
 The girls got ahead of me, because I was...
taking pictures ("Flying Eagle made a few passees overhead)...
and looking for fossils (this is the largest Snaggletooth I have found in a very long time, maybe ever).

After our walk, we stopped by the local roadside food stand.  Started by a friend of our son, who took over his grandfathers vegetable stand from another location, it has evolved in the last few years into quite a little operation, offering seafood, baked goods, meat, you pick fruits in season, and vegetable boxes (they plant what you want and tend it for you, and you harvest it)

Today, Georgia was after cabbage for some minestrone soup, and while she was there she found some Focaccia to go with it.  A perfect end for a cold, rainy day.

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