Thursday, January 19, 2012

Plastic Underwear Banned in Skiing?

Tina Maze, Undergoing Underwear Test
Plastic underwear row sends competitive skiing downhill

The undergarments of Tina Maze, a Slovenian skier who came second at a major event in Austria, were subject to intense scrutiny last week after she was accused of wearing a banned design.

The plastic one-piece was rigorously inspected by officials who ruled that the clothing broke no rules, despite accusations that the fabric had given her an aerodynamic edge over her rivals.

“My underwear is obviously too sexy for the Swiss,” Ms Maze said in retaliation to the jibes.

Following the incident, a complaint was lodged by the Swiss Skiing Federation to the International Skiing Federation (FIS), its parent organisation.

Air permeability of the fabric appears to be at the centre of the row, and although Maze’s undergarments were deemed admissible, the FIS concluded that part of the membrane was banned under the rules.
Probably not permissible.

My thanks to the indefatigable Socho-Wombat for including this in this weeks massive Rule 5 post over at The Other McCain.


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