Friday, January 27, 2012

$1000 a Year, on Coffee

Workers Spend $1,000 Yearly on Coffee
In a telephone survey of 1,000 Americans who were currently employed, ages 18 or older, the participators were asked how much money they spend on "work-related" expenses.

Despite recent tough economic times, results showed that 50 percent of the American workforce regularly spent money on coffee. This totaled, on average, $1,000 a year on coffee alone.

Broken down ever further, it was found that more men splurge on coffee than women (54 percent versus 45 percent). And the younger crowd, ages 18-34, spent almost twice as much on coffee than their older co-workers ($24.74 versus $14.15 weekly).
I can see that.  A bad Starbucks habit (once a day or more) and expensive tastes could easily get to over a $1000 a year.  I'm probably fortunate there's not a convenient source of expensive coffee at work.

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  1. We spend $500 a year and we don't even go to work! But I do enjoy my coffee.