Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Is University of Maryland Suing Farmers?

Two groups involved in the Hudson Farm lawsuit are clearing their throats with new statements designed to win allies beyond the courtroom.The University of Maryland law school clinic suing the farm launched a website,, to explain its role in the situation, just as some lawmakers who have complained about the clinic's role returned to Annapolis for the year. Meanwhile Save Farm Families, an organization formed to assist the Hudsons with their steep legal bills, announced new industry backers to the cause.

Gov. Martin O'Malley in November 2011 sent a critical letter to the dean of the law school, saying he found the clinic's involvement in the suit to be "a state-sponsored injustice and a misuse of taxpayer resources." The dean wrote back to him, contending the law clinic-Waterkeeper alliance was proper.
Because they want to, and because they'll be allowed to get away with. Read the website, there's really no explanation there.

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