Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rule 5 Saturday - Alica Witt

For today's Rule 5 post, starring at age 8 as Alia Atreides in the 1984 science fiction catastrophe classic "Dune", based on Frank Herbert's mammoth novel of the same name, Alicia Witt is a native of Massachusetts.  Hey, you can't help where your parent chose to bear you.  You can only move later.

This might be carrying the soulless ginger thing a little far
She completed high school at age 14, and moved to Hollywood almost immediately.  In 1990 she had a role in the TV series "Twin Peaks"

 Since then, she's been more or less continually employed in films, TV and stage acting, with a little dabbling in singing.  Most recently she has been seen in CSI:Miami, Friday night Lights, the Mentalist, and Lawn Order: Criminal Stupidity Intent.

 Little known fact:
On June 14, 2004, Witt modeled what is believed to be the most expensive hat ever made, for Christie's auction house in London. The Chapeau d'Amour, designed by Louis Mariette, is valued at $2.7 million (US) and is encrusted in diamonds.
It's a shame to hide that red hair.

OK, that's enough - just some more pictures of Alicia below the jump.


"Four Rooms" - yes, she's "that one"

"Ring of the Nibulings"

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  1. Now that Rule 5 was truly unique. Don't think anyone ever thought about using her. Kudos!