Sunday, January 15, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes

The temperature dropped well below freezing overnight, and the wind came up to a steady 20 mph out of the north.  Georgia begged off the walk, and I tried to stall until it got warm, but Skye was having none of my excuses, and made me go...
Dang, it was cold.  I'd probably have been OK if I had remembered the scarf, but the wind cut into my collar, through my knit cap and gloves.  The tide was still super low from the north wind (I was a little before the lowest point, today).

Skye, as far as I know, is completely impervious to cold, at least the temperatures that Maryland can dish out.  For her, it was a day where she might not want to wade in above her legs...

Here you can see that the beach froze, and was undercut by the rising tide.  Lots of shell hash, usually a good thing for sharks teeth, but I only found 6....

 including this Snaggletooth.
In this picture, you can see the spray starting to freeze on the end of the jetty.  A few days of this kind of weather, and the jetty will be all coated with ice.  I don't think this cold spell is supposed to last that long.
You can see the ice starting to form in the back of the harbor.  Again, a few more days like this, and the harbor will be solid, and the remaining boats (including mine) will be frozen in.

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