Saturday, August 1, 2020

Opening of August Beach Report

July is usually the worst, or at least hottest month around here, and Aug. 1 found us at a tolerable 85, with reduced humidity and some light clouds after yesterdays storm.

A look from the north of Calvert Beach across the little creek, rain swollen today, to Matoaka.
Turning the other direction, south to Calvert and Long Beaches. Not crowded by any means, but getting used.

Considering it was dead high tide, not a bad day for fossils. 19 sharks teeth, 2 drum's teeth, one stingray barb, and a broken crocodile tooth.
Some nice clouds across the Bay looking at Taylor's Island.
I found this soldier in the cliffs north of Matoaka . . .
inches from his sworn enemy. It appears to be the deadly Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle.

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