Sunday, March 4, 2018

One Way to Increase Voter Turnout

Italian model Paola Saulino claims she has been suspended from the social media site after being reported for political reasons.

The 28-year-old soared to infamy for fulfilling her promise to perform a sex act on men who voted ‘no’ in a referendum in 2016. And Paola believes some people feared she will kick-start her ‘pompa tour’ for the upcoming general election in Italy.

She told Daily Star Online: ‘They blocked my Instagram official account just now because people reported me.
I thought attempting to influence elections in your own country would be OK.
‘They are scared that I could influence the result of the votes again. They are scared that I might launch another pompa tour for this election.’

Paola, who has 430,000 followers on Instagram, wants her supporters to tweet the hashtag #unbanpaola in protest at her suspension. Prior to the referendum, called to decide the future of Italy’s referendum, Paola made the promise on Instagram.

She claims to have given oral sex to about 700 men in early 2017 as a way of saying thank you.
Your gonna have to do better than that to influence one of our elections, I think. But it beats retweeting posts by Russian bots, or attending one of the lame demonstrations or rallies they organize. Oh, OK (NSFW link).

Swiped from Ace's Weird News Dump by Misanthropic Humanitarian.

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