Saturday, March 24, 2018

Rule 5 Saturday - Baskin Champion, For Her Bad Taste in Music

This week's Rule 5 award goes to Baskin Champion, for her bad taste in music:
When Justin Bieber left a Craig David concert at the Roxy in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, he was photographed with a "mystery blonde," as TMZ put it. Fans quickly figured out that the woman in question is Baskin Champion, a 22-year-old model with more than 200,000 followers on Instagram.
And what kind of a first name is Baskin?

So how did Baskin Champion find herself in the company of Justin Bieber on a Tuesday night in Los Angeles? It appears that she met Bieber through her sister. Champion's sister Abby, who is also a model, is dating the actor Patrick Schwarzenegger. About a week before paparazzi spotted Bieber with Baskin Champion at the Craig David concert in L.A., he showed up on the red carpet to support Schwarzenegger's upcoming movie with Bella Thorne, Midnight Sun. At the premiere, Schwarzenegger told an Entertainment Tonight reporter of Bieber, "I'm just really blessed to call him a friend, he's a really great guy.… I'm really happy he came to support me and I'll support him throughout his life." So it seems likely that Bieber met Champion through Schwarzenegger, and at the very least it's clear that they run in similar circles.
Abby and Baskin Champion
 From Vanity Fair:
Baskin Champion is former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie who was for a time, the queen of Alabama after she was named Miss Alabama Teen USA in 2014.

Not much else is known about Baskin Champion; she’s only given a couple interviews in her capacity as beautiful human person in various beautiful human contests. Here is a conclusive list of likes and dislikes: Likes: her nice doggy! Chocolate-chip cookies! Alabama football! Roll tide! Travel! The lake! Pilates! Jesus Christ! Dislikes: None that are apparent, but Satan seems like a safe bet. She seems nice! A good influence on our collective child, Justin Bieber!
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