Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Shooting at Local School

School Shooting In Maryland “Contained,” At Least 3 Injured; Single Shooter, Single Target, 3 Injuries; Armed Resource Officer Ended Incident Immediately

NBC Washington reports that at least “some of the injuries are critical,” and have already been taken to the hospital. Their live coverage is embedded below:

Bear in mind that initial reports are often inaccurate, and that details later emerge that either contradict or clarify initial impressions. We’ll keep updating this as solid developments emerge.

Update: The sheriff’s PIO told NBC that the incident involved a single male shooter who was a student at the school, who targeted a female student. The armed guard (school resource officer) at the school then engaged in a firefight with the shooter, critically wounding him, and a third student was injured. The shooter and intended target are both critically injured, and the third student is in critical but stable condition. So far, they are not releasing any information on the weapon itself.

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