Friday, March 16, 2018

Floron of the Week: Woman Injured by Transvestite's Boob

A woman who visited Hamburger Mary's in Tampa is suing the establishment for $1.5 million after she says she was injured by a drag queen's breast while at dinner with friends in 2015.
. . .
She was eating her fish n' chips dinner at approximately 8:45 p.m. when she heard music and heard someone begin to speak and then the crowd cheered and clapped. She turned her chair around to see what was going on and saw a person dancing on the stage that was in the restaurant behind her to the left. She started watching and overheard another table say that the drag queen show was starting.

At approximately 9:40 p.m., Molina turned around and saw performer Amanda D'Hod point at her and start to walk toward her table. Molina claims she immediately turned around to ignore the performance. A few minutes later, Molina felt someone touch her shoulders from behind her.

According to the complaint, D'Hod walked in front of Molina and unexpectedly grabbed Molina's head and "wiggled her breast against the Plaintiff's face and head 8 times." D'Hod reportedly grabbed Molina's face and pushed it to the left and right before "violently pounding" it against D'Hod's chest "up to nine times."
At least it looks like a decent burger
You mustn't ignore the transvestites, unless they want to be ignored, in which case you must.
Molina later went to the emergency room at Memorial Hospital of Tampa for "excruciating cervical pain and uncontrollable headaches." The manager called Molina weeks later and gave her Insurance information for her to follow up on the complaint.

Molina is seeking $1.5 million for medical costs and expenses for the past, present and future, including the pain and suffering she physically and mentally endured. The complaint also states that Hamburger Mary's failed to advise anyone of the possible dangers while dining at the restaurant. 
Well, after all, those fake boobs are made with silicon; the same element that's in rocks. Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Sunday: Gal Gadot" up and open for business.

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