Tuesday, March 27, 2018

"Saint Emma" Confesses to Bullying Shooter

At the March, an admission.
Yes, said Parkland student Emma González. She and her fellow students at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School “ostracized” fellow student Nikolas Cruz. Said González when speaking in Washington at the anti-gun “March for Our Lives”:
“Since he was in middle school, it was no surprise to anyone who knew him, that he was the shooter. Those talking about how we should have not ostracized him? You didn’t know this kid! OK? We did!”
Which is to say, González just made a startling admission. Parkland students bullied Nikolas Cruz.

It may well be that González is right — the rest of us didn’t know him.

But there are a large number of people — some of whom are celebrities and either marched in and/or supported the March — who have spent years insisting that what González and her friends who “ostracized” Nikolas Cruz did was… bullying.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, in which Cruz took 17 lives, the TC Palm of the USA Todaynetwork headlined this:
Florida school shooting: Student knew Cruz: ‘I could have said something to administrators’
The story reports the following:

Marolo Alvarez remembers students taunting Nikolas Cruz.
“He looked like a school shooter,” Alvarez said students used to say about him.
… Alvarez, who spoke to reporters at a vigil for victims of the area’s second mass shooting in 13 months, said he wishes he had said something earlier. “I could have said something to administrators, that ‘hey this kid gets bullied a lot, please help him, please reach out to him.’ I kind of regret not doing that,” Alvarez said.
So she knew from Middle School he was a school shooter? Boy is she smart. No wonder the democrats want to turn their policy discussions over to children.

Her bullying him, (and I expect we'll also hear that David Hogg was also part of the clique that persecuted him) can never excuse what he did, but they could easily be part of the explanation.

Note, this adds another level to the failure of government that helped this tragedy go forward. School authorities who overlooked the bullying of Nikolas Cruz.

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