Sunday, March 25, 2018

How Did I Miss This?

A bold adrenaline junkie truly took the plunge when she launched herself off a cliff completely naked.

Annelise Temple, a thrill-seeker who regularly shares videos of her breathtaking exploits with her 21,500 Instagram followers, threw herself off the drop in Lauterbrunnen, in the Swiss Alps, wearing nothing but her parachute.

She threw herself off the cliff with no clothes on after her instructor stressed the importance of feeling the air on her skin.

Annelise took his direction literally. When she arrived at the cliff edge she was set to jump off, she was naked except for the harness which carried her parachute.

The cheeky newbie, wearing sunglasses with her hair tied in pigtail plaits, said: 'Ok, am I good to go?'
More than good. I'd like to see the strap burns from when that came tight.

When not jumping out off mountains naked or similar stunts, she is a model:

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