Friday, March 2, 2018

If She's Really This Stupid, I Don't Want Her Voting Anyway

She speaks of wanting to vote for Oprah, and Jimmy Kimmel breaks in with "Are you allowed to vote here in the United States?" Her "I don't know actually..." feels utterly disingenuous. "I'm not a resident here..." as if being a resident would be enough.

But she's a great actress and could easily play disingenuous.

In a similar vein, she is beautifully made up to look as though she is wearing absolutely no makeup.

By they way, I love her as an actress and I strongly encourage the no-makeup look. It's especially refreshing to see the absence of eye makeup.
However, according to Wikipedia, she was born in the Bronx, making her a natural born citizen by anyone's reckoning.

Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Sunday: Larger Than Life" up and running on time and within budget at The Other McCain.

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  1. Another set of Oprah worshipers... Remind me, what did Oprah do to earn such respect?
    - Give away expensive gifts to audience
    - Have a TV show, that evidently millions of people without a life viewed and thereby gave it overwhelming ratings for advertisers to make her rich...
    - Act
    - A Failed TV Channel
    - Criticize Republicans
    - Be friends with Harvey Weinstein
    Is there anything of substance?